Essential Listening #10

Really loving this special mix from Eats Everything celebrating the end of his DJ tour at Fabric London. Sure it was an amazing night in Room 2 with an impressive 8 hour set no less! He’s kindly uploaded 1 hour from the night on Mixcloud as part of the Edible Beats series.

Eats Everything Edible Beats Fabric London Mix

Really enjoying the Edible Beats series in general, so if you’re looking for some big tunes to kick-start your January you could do a lot worse than digging through the cracking selection over on Mixcloud. 

Shout out also to Daniel Orpi for the latest Edible Beats guest mix as well - a great set and a close second for my selection this week. 

Get straight to the Eats Everything mix on Mixcloud.

P.S. I’m always looking for great new tunes to enjoy so please do let me know if there’s an awesome mix I should be aware of. 🙌🙌🙌

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