Andy Weatherall 'Fail We May, Sail We Must'

I was absolutely honoured and delighted for my artwork to be featured in the new short film telling the story of Andrew Weatherall and fisherman Gerhard Sheely’s meeting and the origins of ‘Fail We May, Sail We Must’. A fitting tribute on the second anniversary of Andy’s passing and to be a tiny little part of the story was very special. 

Fail We May Sail We Must Poster - a tribute to Andrew Weatherall

Really enjoyed watching the film and seeing the celebration of Andy's life and brilliance. Amazing how many peeps he influenced, inspired or just simply put a great big smile on their face. Never forgotten. 💔

The short film, created by 
The Tenth Man and directed by Grizzly is available to watch on Youtube:

UPDATE: my exclusive "Fail We May, Sail We Must" typographic poster is now ready to buy. 

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